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How to draw Enterprise Data Models


A great Enterprise Data Model should be one your organisation is proud to frame and hang on the wall.

Traditionally enterprise data models have been really poorly drawn. It is one of the reasons that data science is said to be sexy, and data architecture is not.

Data Scientists are investing effort in having visual impact and communicating with others. Doing this elevates the importance of their work. We think data architects must both learn from this and respond to this if they wish to remain relevant. In short we think Data Architecture needs to raise its game visually. This isn’t just a small problem, it’s a really big problem. An ugly EDM says “our most senior data architect can’t communicate with the business, but our most junior data scientist can.”

This is something that ByteSumo is fixing.

Below is an example of how we are drawing our Enterprise Data Models. This particular one summarises a very large logical data model published by the BBC under a liberal license. Let us know what you think with a tweet (@bytesumo) or by leaving a comment.

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If you want a pdf copy of this model you can print or share, or to learn more about our architectures, feel free to email me .