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Our Capabilities


We are a data science company with a unique blend of critical skills and capabilities.

We have pulled together a very highly performing team. It has three critical technical disciplines which are directed by a Data Strategy function that also serves customers with expert management consultancy. The diagram below illustrates this structure, to explain how we are organised.

Organising principles for a highly performing data team.

Data Strategy Consulting, which is critical to provide the leadership needed for the business people, data scientists and data engineers to work together successfully.

Enterprise Data Architecture, which is critical to understanding the structural properties and organising principles that shape how your applications are integrated, and how your data is collected and deployed.

Data Science which is critical to test hypotheses, extract hidden value, and apply learning, as well as conducting the Research needed to develop new products.

Data Engineering, which is critical to deliver solutions, particularly the scalability, resiliency, and integration with legacy systems that large enterprises expect.

With these competency centres, we can blend teams to focus on key parts of data led transformation:

  • Informing
  • Innovating
  • Industrialising

We hope our conceptual model of this unique blend illustrates these ideas.