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About ByteSumo


ByteSumo is a firm of professional data architects, data engineers and data scientists, who have come together to have greater impact.

We are all about delivering deep transformations that help revolutionise how your organisation leverages and exploits it’s data and information assets. We achieve this because we work closely with you to set out a clear data strategy and capability establishment programme that aligns your business goals to the big data solutions we can help you build.

But it’s not just about us. It’s about you.

If you are …

Just looking.
Why not listen to the kind of conversations we’re having? We’re on twitter at @bytesumo and frequent the London Big Data Meetup where you can meet us in person. Our CEO also tweets about data frequently on @minkymorgan.

Looking to hire us.
If you are considering hiring us, but aren’t sure who we are, we have a People page that might help you decide. We also showcase some of our work in our Knowledge Base.

Looking for a Job.
If you are a heavyweight in data, and are looking for interesting work, we are not only hiring right now, but we also can act as an agent finding you new clients or employers. We are well connected, and often help the right people into the right organisations. Reach out and get in touch.

Looking for a partnership.
If you have a product, technology, or service and are interested in partnering with us, why not email our very approachable CEO, Andrew Morgan, and pitch him your idea?

Looking for a considered view.
Are you a bytesumo who needs a considered view before making a big decision? It can be hard to do that alone. We enjoy talking data over beer in the evening, and love to meet new people with interesting problems. Why not get in touch and join us?