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We are working to bring the world’s top data talent together.

If you would like to join ByteSumo, why not introduce yourself to our CEO,

Andrew Morgan


Thinking Outside The Box

Andrew Morgan, CEO

Andrew is a senior enterprise data architect with a long career in data. He is the founder of ByteSumo.

He has worked for some of the world’s largest data companies building their internal systems and applications for their bluechip clients. He brings with him 17 years of experience in coding, designing, and architecting global data solutions that can scale to process petabytes of data.

Living on a diet of data, black coffee, and the odd english breakfast, he is known for creative problem solving and beautiful architectural drawings.

Bryan Johnson

Data Strategy Lead


Bryan Johnson, Lead Data Strategist

Bryan is a long time information and data strategy consultant who has helped transform how some of the world’s largest organisations leverage information. His ground breaking work in Information Cartography pre-dates the current fascination with data visualisation by many years.

A self styled data choreographer, Bryan is an expert at focussing broad data science goals into specific actionable data science projects.

Bryan is currently on a health kick, and enjoys gluten free foods and peppermint tea.

Derek Bean

Data Scientist

Derek Bean

Derek Bean, Data Scientist

Derek is a mathematician and statistician who has recently completed his PHD. He led cutting edge research at UC Berkeley into new methods for working with highly dimensional data and has taught advanced statistics widely, including machine learning. He joins as our lead Data Scientist.

Derek brings a wealth of experience, and is excited to work on our Trend Calculus research. He is into high performance tuning of algorithms, craft ale, and loves living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Elliot Imanpour

    Junior Data Engineer


    Elliot Imanpour, Junior Data Engineer

    Elliot is a computer science student at the University of Brighton with a keen interest in emerging data technologies and Hadoop engineering.

    When not playing with Cascading and Lingual, Elliot enjoys Brighton’s busy nightlife, music festivals, and the odd shot of vodka.

      Matthew Li

      Data Scientist

      Matt Li, Data Scientist/Engineer

      Matt Li, Data Scientist/Engineer

      Matt has recently completed his PHD, where he was an experimental physical chemist working on flame based electrical systems. He specialised in creating automated platforms which generated very large quantities of data. His latest research involved trying to identify bacteria from their combustion events. He joins ByteSumo to pursue his interest in Data Science and Engineering.

      While not working on science related projects he can be found practicing the piano or building things.

        Steffy Morgan

        Business Support Director

        Business Support Director

        Steffy Morgan, Business Support Director

        Steffy makes sure the team get all the day-to-day non-data stuff done. She keeps tabs on the accounts, tax, paperwork, expenses, invoices … all those things that are essential to running a company smoothly. She brings many years experience to the table, having done similar roles in many large public organisations.

        Also a busy mum, she juggles her work with being on the PTA, helping out charities, and being very active in the local community. When she gets a moment’s peace, her addictions are current event news feeds, candy crush, and Agatha Christie.

          Dominic Cruz Farmer

          Data Analyst and Project Administrator

          Data Analyst

          Dominic Cruz Farmer, Data Analyst

          Dominic joins ByteSumo as a Data Analyst and Project Administrator, and has a background working in high tech startups.

          He studied Forensic Biology, but is interested in getting into the more commercial side of the data business. He hates beer, enjoys Jägermeister and music festivals, and socialising in Brighton.