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Data Science is not an island


Can data science transform your business? If so, how do you organise it to deliver on that promise?

My thoughts are:

Data Science is not an island. Its potential to transform organisations comes when it collaborates effectively with the other critical functions needed to drive data-led innovation.

Based on our experience, there are three critical data capabilities that a business needs to effectively exploit data. The three capabilities are:

  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering

When these three teams collaborate in a planned, structured and directed way, a set of collaborative outcomes starts to emerge, and these drive a data-led innovation lifecycle.

It is this pathway to industrialised, informed innovation, that will transform your business, not the data science alone.

Below is a poster that illustrates these ideas in more detail, and which sets out our vision for how our clients can organise themselves to prosper from effective data exploitation. It maps out the critical capabilities needed, and how they collaborate together to drive transformation.

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If you want a pdf copy of this model you can print or share, or to learn more about our ideas or architectures, feel free to email me.


Critical Capabilities driving Effective Data Exploitation

Critical Capabilities driving Effective Data Exploitation